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Advertisements have moved to a whole new level with the advent and mobilization of the Internet. People go online to not only search for products and services, but also to be entertained. In fact, many consumers go online now exclusively to look at videos. With the video advertising services of Times Media, your business can reach even more customers on a whole new level. We develop quality advertisements to target your ideal customers again and again.

Do You Need Video or Banner Ads?

You might wonder why you need video ads if you already have some sort of banner or PPC campaign in place. Videos are different than standard banner ads. They create a way to interact with customers and appeal to them on many different emotional and psychological levels. Banner ads are also an important part of an effective marketing campaign. That’s why we work with you. We help you develop an effective campaign using successful SEO strategies and deliberate placement of ads where they will best reach your target customers.

How You Benefit From Video Advertising Services

Videos create all kinds of advertising opportunities and ways to interact with your customers. Our affordable video services can take many different approaches. You can choose to go the commercial route, the comedic route, or even the instructional route. Videos are versatile and they can easily be shared through:

Our videos can help to secure high visibility placements as well as draw in more searches online for your business. This leads to more overall traffic for your business, eventually leading to higher profits and more brand loyalty from your customers.

The Times Media Expertise

Times Media has the best video advertising experience around. We know how to draw in your target customers and can make high quality videos to do just that. In addition to video creation, we help to analyze your videos to make sure they are successfully bringing in the customers. We adapt your marketing campaign as necessary to keep appealing to customers again and again. When your customers are constantly aware of your brand, they are more likely to come back to you for business.

With our services, you get help whenever you need it and daily performance tracking of your website and advertisements. We know that building a loyal customer base is the best way to increase the return traffic to your site, which is why we help to identify your loyal customers and how to properly engage them through advertisements.

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