Reputation Management 

You can find all kinds of examples in the news these days about once-reputable companies that have had their reputation tarnished due to bad customer service, breaches in security, or low quality products. In this digital age, it does not take long for one customer’s complaint to spread to thousands of people and leave a company hurting for business. In cases where a business is negatively impacted by the experience of a customer, reputation management is necessary.

Times Media has years of experience dealing with reputation management. We use local SEO strategies to keep track of what is going on with your business and quickly take action to make sure your customers view your brand in a positive light.

The Importance of a Good Reputation

A good reputation is vital to a business, especially online. People have become more and more wary about who they do business with online. A good reputation is vital if you wish to keep bringing in legitimate customers. It takes a long time to build a reputation from scratch, but it can take even longer to repair a reputation once tarnished.

Why Management Is Necessary

Management of your reputation is necessary if you wish to stay in control of your business and how it is perceived by the public. Customers want businesses who can take action and interact with their customers. Customers are likely to get more frustrated if they bring attention to a problem and that problem is never addressed.

Seemingly negative feedback or reviews can work in your favor if you take the opportunity to fix them. You can show customers that you value their opinions and will work hard to turn around their negative feedback. If you just leave negative feedback the way it is, it only serves to hurt your company. The only way to make such feedback work for the good of your company is to take action.

How We Help

By analyzing local listings, Times Media helps you to track what customers are saying about your business. We can even help you with a review aggregator so you can see for yourself what is being said. We track the feedback and responses concerning your business and products and give you the opportunity to turn these reviews around by righting any wrongs and addressing any concerns. We will guide you through the most effective techniques to keep your customers happy by turning negative comments into positive experiences.

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