Building a website online is just one step in creating a successful business. Your online business cannot grow unless visitors are coming to your site and making purchases. If you are just leaving your website as it is, it will be difficult to generate the business you need to stay viable. Times Media utilizes pay per click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) to target your ideal customers and draw them in to make purchases. We do this by conducting research on the keywords most used by your target customers, and develop an advertising campaign to target those customers.

How to Use PPC

Many ads for PPC in Shreveport are tied to keywords, which means certain ads appear for searches that use specific keywords. We help you develop advertisements linked to the keywords most used by your ideal customers. When your customers do a search on engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing using the keywords tied to your ad, your advertisement shows up in the results or on the side of the search results.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing in Shreveport

When you use PPC and SEM in Shreveport, you are helping to highlight some of the best parts of your business. Your ads are designed to show the special promotions, sales, and specialized products of your business to draw in interested consumers. It’s perfect for locating new customers or even for re- engaging customers who have previously been to your website. Other benefits to using SEM include:

The more customers you can reach, the more likely you are to convert visits into sales. PPC and SEM strategies are great for short term lead generation and driving up traffic to your website in a short amount of time.

Times Media Helps

We help you utilize PPC and SEM by conducting the research to narrow down the keywords most likely to be used by your target customers. We then help you develop creative advertising tied to those keywords. We also assist by monitoring the performance of your ads and adjusting them as necessary to give your business the most exposure. We will help you to locate your ideal customers and narrow down how to best lead them to your website.

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We have years of experience in developing effective SEM and PPC campaigns for all types of businesses. For more information on our PPC and SEM services, call on Shreveport Times Media.

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