Top 4 High Impact Ad Units—And Why You Should Try Them

Date: February 22, 2016

Top 4 High Impact Ad Units—And Why You Should Try Them 

It’s 2016, and most people consume content online. In order to better reach and engage today’s digital consumers, marketers need to be aware of premium online ad formats, such as interactive takeover, pre-roll, gravity, and pushdown ads. These ad types optimize viewing experience and result in higher levels of audience engagement, providing businesses a better return on investment. We break down each premium ad type below:  

Interactive Takeover 

Many marketers have turned to video to engage users and improve brand recall. In fact, as many as 80 percent of internet users remember watching video ads on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Interactive takeovers are an effective way of displaying video on an online advertisement. They auto-launch and overlay on the targeted page, giving the user the ability to play a video directly on the ad. Click here to view an example of an interactive takeover ad.  

Pre-Roll Ads 

Just like commercials play before a movie, pre-roll ads play directly before a user’s chosen video content. Users aren’t allowed to skip past pre-roll ads, meaning users must engage with your message before viewing other content.  

Gravity Advertising 

If you have stunning visual content to promote to your target audience, you’ll want to use gravity advertising to display it in its full splendor. Gravity ads are the highest quality format available and give viewers an IMAX-style advertising experience. The best part? These ads resize to any device, meaning you can guarantee your ads are optimized no matter how your audience is accessing them. Click here to view an example of a gravity ad

Pushdown Ads 

Getting an ad right in front viewers is another challenge many marketers face. Pushdown ads literally push down the content on a given webpage, moving it out of the way to make room for your ad. The user can either click the ad to visit your website or simply click out of the ad to view the content of the visited webpage. Click here to view an example of a pushdown ad. 

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