6 Pro Tips for Boosting YouTube SEO

Date: May 02, 2016

6 Pro Tips for Boosting YouTube SEO 

A whopping 61% of businesses are currently using video in their marketing strategies, and the number is only expected to grow this year. However, when it comes to video marketing, many marketers fail to take the necessary steps to maximize visibility. This is where focusing on YouTube SEO can come in handy. Since Google owns YouTube, the search engine prioritizes the platform’s content in video search results. Boost your YouTube SEO and extend the reach of your video content with these top video optimization pro tips: 

1. Keywords Matter 

Start by performing in-depth keyword research. Understand what your audience is searching for online and identify appropriate long-tail keywords. Base your video content around these keywords. You should also spend time identifying suitable video keywords, or those that Google typically shows on the first page of video search results. 

2. Get Descriptive 

Video descriptions are an excellent place to include targeted keywords. Aim to incorporate your keywords three to four times within your video descriptions. To avoid “stuffing”, keep the text at around 200 characters. 

3. Create The Right Title 

An easy pro tip for improving your YouTube SEO is to add target keywords into your video titles. It’s important, however, to make sure your titles incorporate the keywords naturally. 

4. Optimize Your YouTube Channel 

Use your YouTube channel to feature keywords and additional information about your company. Optimize your channel further by grouping different videos into subcategories and playlists.  

5. Choose The Right Category 

Make sure you associate each of your YouTube videos with a category. The more specifically you categorize your videos, the better the chance they’ll show up for related searches. 

6. Create Great Content 

If no one is watching your videos, then they won’t show up in rankings. Real views matter, so create high-quality, sharable content. Never compromise on quality.   

At Times Media in Shreveport, Louisiana, we make sure video, SEO, and all other components of your digital campaigns are optimized for results. Contact us today to learn more. 

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