3 Reasons to Integrate Print & Digital Advertising

Date: February 15, 2016

While it’s important for any business to adapt marketing strategies to stay ahead of new digital trends, print advertising remains an excellent way to reach engaged, purchase-ready audiences.  After all, over half of newspaper readers prefer only to access print editions. 

Still not convinced? Research shows print advertising still provides marketers with the greatest return on their investments

However, the best marketing strategies offer cohesive messaging to customers both online and offline. The good news is your local newspaper runs both print and online editions, meaning it’s easier than ever to create integrated marketing strategies that meet your business goals. 

Niche Audience Targeting

Targeting your ads to the right audinece has become easier than ever in recent years. From display ads to social ads, marketers have access to an incredible amount of targeting capabilities. But, what about newspaper? Yes, your local newspaper offers a full suite of content sections and special products that allow you to target by age, interest, location and socio-economic status. Generally speaking, newspaper readers also tend to be more affluent, so your ad is likely to be seen by the people who have the ability to make purchases. 

Increased Control Over Your Ads

Though display advertisements are a fantastic way to reach online audiences, they often require you to say a lot within a very small space. With newspapers ads, on the other hand, your ad can span as much as two pages! You'll know exactly what the ad will look like and where it will be placed before it goes to print, so there are never any surprises.

Print Advertising is Cost-Effective

Your newspaper’s ad department will have a range of print advertising packages to meet your goals and budget. Your dedicated newspaper advertising representative will work with you directly to determine the best reach and frequency to get your message to the right audience. Plus, most papers provide free design services, so if you do not have internal design resources, you will still have access to a quality advertisement at no extra cost.

Are you looking to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy that involves print advertising? The expert team at Times Media in Shreveport, Louisiana, can help make sure both print and digital media are working for you. Contact us now for a free consultation. 

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